Why Choose Kelsey Turek at Strength & Sweat?

See what all of the people she has trained, taught, and touched have to say!

Dave R.—Male Personal Training

I started training with Kelsey in January. I asked her to put together three different workout routines that included cardio and weights. I also asked her to incorporate some exercises that I could do at home if I didn’t have time to get to the gym.
Kelsey was very thorough with questioning me about my physical condition and any limitations I may have so she could design the proper workout routine. After designing the workouts, she met with me and showed each of the various exercises and proper mechanics for doing them.

I was very happy with the routines she put together and I could feel and see a difference within a very short period of time. I have always worked out and thought I as pushing myself, but Kelsey took me to a different level.

She continues to check on me and give words of encouragement. I would highly recommend Kelsey and her services.

Michael G.—Family Training

Kelsey is a great trainer!!!! She truly loves what she does and to see people succeed with their personal goals. Being over 300lbs, even exercising can be uncomfortable/embarrassing in view of other people. Kelsey works with us on a personal basis plans a routine that works your entire body and help you feel good and want to continue. Kelsey has even done a session with my wife, 3 kids and I, it was great and even my kids keep asking when they can work out with Kelsey again!!! She keeps it fun and INEXPENSIVE to be healthy!!!! Thank You Kelsey!!!!

Barb A.—Attends classes

I have known Kelsey Turek for approximately four years. Kelsey has been very instrumental to me as a fitness instructor, nutrition guide, and motivational inspiration in my life. Her cardio/aerobic classes are the best I have ever participated in due to her enthusiasm, dedication, education, skills and compassion for others.

I have lived in Grand Haven for 20 years and have seen many fitness instructors come and go in various gyms. Kelsey is the first instructor that has motivated me to leave one gym, which she was teaching at, to join the new facility she is currently working at. Kelsey makes sure each class she teaches is always fresh and never boring.

Kelsey’s strength/weight classes were tough but put me in the best shape I have ever been in. Her timing and instruction is exceptional, which made it easy to follow her classes and see results quickly.

I am 54 years old and thanks to Kelsey Turek my love for fitness and good health keeps growing! You never know what she will come up with next to keep you going! You rock Kelsey!

Amber C.—Female Personal Training

Let me just start by saying that Kelsey is an AMAZING trainer! After years of being lazy and inactive, she was able to get me back into the game of fitness with ease. Her manner is always upbeat, professional (yet fun), and prepared for anything. I really enjoy the variety that she provides in our sessions and the time she takes to specifically tailor exercises to fit my specific needs. Kelsey has helped me achieve several of my health and fitness goals, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight and re-shape their body.”