The classes I teach work for anyone and everyone, however, I do advise that most people have a little knowledge about exercise before joining certain classes. That’s what the sweat drops are for! Based on the number of sweat drops, you’ll know just how experienced with fitness you should be before you join in to get the most out of the workout.

Class Descriptions

Cardio Kickboxing

Punch, kick, bob, weave, jump, and twist! This workout is all about getting your heart rate up and keeping it while you’re punching away the stress.

Kick & Tone

We mix Cardio Kickboxing intervals with weight lifting intervals to create this upbeat, total body workout.


This class is all about weight lifting! Light weights, heavier weights, bodyweight, long intervals, short intervals, combination moves, circuits — we do it all. Every class is a different style.


A combination of cardio, bodyweight work, and weights to turn your body into a fat-burning machine from head to toe.


This class focuses on bodyweight, cardio, core, and occasionally light weights and gives you a total body cardio session that will get you sweating!


The perfect combination of Pilates to condition and strengthen the core, and yoga to calm the mind and stretch and strengthen the limbs.

*Please note that ALL class offer variations/modifications for every exercise. If you have an injury or limitation, speak with Kelsey before class so she can be sure to show multiple versions of each move.