It’s Not Monday… But I Needed Some Pick-Me-Ups
January 27, 2011

How’s your week been? Mine’s been a bit rough – I’m feeling more tired by the day, work has me planted in my seat for the majority of the day, my workouts are getting harder to stick to intensity-wise, and […]


Motivation Monday
January 24, 2011

Rough weekend? Successful weekend? Is your motivation waxing and waning like the semi-visible sun? Whose doesn’t!? Mine definitely has. Let’s reverse that with an extra dose of motivation. Man of the Moment: Legendary fitness “godfather” Jack LaLanne passed away yesterday at […]


Motivation Monday!
January 17, 2011

Was your weekend full of fitness? Mine was! I tried my new Step/DVD and my new Pilates Magic Circle/DVD. Good stuff – I’m sore today. What about how you ate? Did you splurge a bit? Fall off the wagon, so […]