The Urge to Binge

There’s something about snowy, cold darkness that not only keeps you shut-in, but drops your motivation level to 0 and your urge to eat up to 10. At least that’s how I usually feel! It’s hard to say “no” to that second bowl of hot chili with cheese and tortilla chips or that extra large hot chocolate with whipped cream. Who wants to change out of there warm layers and into thinner layers of workout clothes? I get it. I’ve been there. Often!

I recently received my ACE Health Coach certification and it’s taught me a few things about how to talk to myself and not just to my clients.

Tips on Talking to Yourself When You Want to Binge Eat:
1. Ask yourself “Is everything okay?” like a friend would who confides in you that she/he just feels like eating everything in sight. Honestly answer yourself. Is there another reason you want to eat besides feeling lazy? Are you tired? Lonely? Sad? Bored? Identify the reason.

2. If you’re truly not eating out of hunger and you’re lazy/sad/tired/lonely/bored/cold, ask yourself what the food is really going to do for you. Is it meant to fuel you or fill the void of something to do or someone to be with? Again, be honest with yourself.

3. If you’re not fueling your body for exercise or post-exercise and you’re just trying to fill a void, ask yourself what you really want instead. Is it someone to do something with or talk to? Something to do? A place to go? Happiness?

4. Once you identify what it is you really want, ask yourself what you can do to make the situation different. Can you call a friend? Or even text or email them? Can you start a puzzle or begin your holiday shopping or even those holiday cards? Do you like to read or write or craft? Start a new project!

5. If the craving for more food really won’t go away, but you know you aren’t hungry, then stand up and do a few exercises. Even just a few minutes of marching or dancing in place, some jumping jacks or squats or pushups, or a few reps with the dumbbells will help release endorphins, which can help erase the sad and bad feelings and replace them with happier, more content ones.

6. After the cravings have quieted down or gone away, figure out what often causes you to have cravings. Is it because you deny yourself certain foods during the day and can’t take it any longer at night? Or because you don’t have a goal to work toward, like fitting into a bathing suit? Is it because you’re exhausted and starved at the end of the day? Find out what your trigger(s) are and make a short list of ways to combat them. For me, I am tired, thirsty, and sometimes a little bored at night, so I tend to eat to relax and have something to do. I’ve been trying to do my Christmas lists and shopping now and I even go into bed earlier to read.

Let me know what you do to beat the urge to binge! And if you ever want any tips or tricks on how to beat your cravings, send me a note and I’d be happy to help 🙂

Take care of you! You can do whatever you set your mind to…. And you’re worth it.