Workout Review: BodyRock’s Sexy Friggin Body Workout

Sexy Friggin Body Workout

A workout that’s 25 seconds on, 5 off, for 24 rounds!? What!? Heck yes I was intrigued. Heck yes I did it.

How long did it take?: 12 minutes–but you can make it as short as you want/need to, which is always awesome.

Was it tough?: Yes. It’s quick, but it hurts.

Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Yes, however, I can’t do the ninja tuck jumps well (and I hate them/don’t think they are super practical) so I modified those.

Why I liked it: Quick rounds, hits every muscle group, no weights necessary, nothing too crazy, except for the ninja tuck jumps.

Do I recommend it?: There is always a modification if you have a muscle problem or weakness, however, if you have a major back or shoulder problem, I would advise against this workout. This is definitely a try-it-at-least-once workout, but I strongly recommend that you modify according to your fitness level—it’s not worth getting hurt over!