Workout Review: BodyRock’s Lust Lean Workout

Lust Lean Workout

This workout is 5 rounds of 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off, 3 times through. She uses a sandbag the whole time and I used my sandbag as well, but for the last move with the plank pull-throughs, I used a 5lb. weight. You can easily substitute the sandbag for any kind of weight.

How long did it take?: 15 minutes

Was it tough?: It was decently tough—my shoulders were fatigued by the end of it.

Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Great, no. Good, eh. It was decent. I didn’t feel like it was super well-rounded. It was a lot of shoulders.

Why I liked it: It was quick and didn’t require much room or equipment.

Do I recommend it?: I recommend this as a try-once-to-spice-things-up workout, but not a regular in your routine. The workout was very shoulder-heavy, which made it feel like nothing else worked as hard. Yes, my heart rate rose and I sweated, but my abs weren’t super sore and this wasn’t very cardio-y either. Like I said, it was very shoulder-focused. I modified the side lunge to be a bicep curl instead of an over-the-head lift and that made it a little better, but I would have liked to have done a little more cardio, abs, and/or another muscle group!