The No-Time For a Workout Workout

Life gets busy. Snow days happen. Grocery shopping needs to be done. Snow needs to be shoveled. Doctor appointments can’t be rescheduled. The kids have practice. Your in-laws are in town. You’re tired and worked 10+ hours today.

We all have days that are long, tiring, emotionally draining, and jam-packed. That’s why you need to MAKE TIME to work out. And contrary to what you may think, every minute counts. So don’t give up just because you can’t spend an hour working out every day. It still counts and still works if you can only work out for 5-10 minutes at a time. That means instead of having to get up an hour earlier in the morning, set your alarm for 10-15 minutes earlier and bang out this quick workout to get your metabolism humming, wake up, or beat the work/long-day blues!

The No-Time For a Workout Workout
*Yes, this is for both men and women.
*Two ways to do this workout: Complete each exercise for 1 min. or complete 10 reps of everything and keep repeating them all until you hit 5 or 10 min.

  • Straight-leg kicks — alternate kicking the legs up and forward (straight legs) and reach both hands toward the thigh/knee/shin/toe
  • Jumping jacks — you can always alternate step-touching the feet side-to-side if jumping is too much
  • Squats — send your booty back, knees behind the toes, bend the knees evenly
  • Knee repeaters — start with arms extended up and to the right and lift your left knee across the body to the right side as you bring your arms down, elbows toward the knee — the faster the harder! — complete on both sides
  • Alternating front-back-front-back lunges — lunge forward with the right leg, then backward, and repeat this on the left

While you won’t necessarily be drenched in sweat from this workout, it’s better than nothing and will definitely work your entire body! Have fun with it 🙂