Motivation Monday

Everyone needs a pick-me-up. But I have a problem…. Mine tends to be food. I find myself rewarding, celebrating, and comforting myself (or others) with food. I know I’m not alone; our society is based around food get-togethers. And it’s tough because we all gotta eat!

This has led me to focus more on what I eat. I’ve tried using food calculators like My Fitness Pal, which is a great tool, but it’s too time-consuming for me. So I’ve picked up food journaling again. My version is much less intimidating, time-consuming, daunting, and guilt-inducing. I carry around a tiny little notebook (seriously tiny—like 4”x3”) and I write down what I eat for my meals and snacks. If what I’m eating has a measurement or calorie count, I write it down. If not, I categorize it by size or number—big bowl, small handful, a dozen, a heaping spoonful, etc. This makes me become aware of what I’m eating without focusing solely on the numbers. And honestly it stops me from mindlessly eating because the thought of having to write it all down is annoying enough—and it makes me realize that I really don’t need all of the mindless snacks!

I encourage you to find a way to slow down, stop, or change a bad habit of yours this week. If it’s drinking more water, set a timer and make yourself drink half a cup every time it goes off. If it’s exercise, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do small exercises for those 10 minutes while you watch TV. If it’s smoking or drinking alcohol, set a limit for the day (if it’s smoking) or the week (if it’s alcohol—or smoking!). Little steps. Nothing can fix itself in 24 hours.

Some other things that are helping me through this week:
Yogurt. I love ice cream so I’ve been getting into flavored yogurts to mimic the taste of ice cream. I love the 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt Key Lime Pie ones—I top it with a little whipped cream and it works pretty well to curb my sweet tooth!

“Boneless” by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, & Tujamo

“If you get a flat tire, you don’t get out of the car and slash all three other tires. You fix the flat, and you keep going. So you missed [a workout] today. Control your diet a little bit better and go tomorrow. It’s that simple.” –Jillian Michaels

When I have time, I’ve been rocking different DailyHiit workouts — 12 minutes of intensity and it works like whoa!