Habits You Need to Break NOW for Better Weight Loss

Wondered what you’re doing wrong? Some of these may surprise you…. And some are very hard to adhere to!

  1. Doing only cardio workouts. You should be doing at least two strength workouts a week to balance your body and burn more calories, tone your muscles, and increase your stamina.
  2. Rewarding yourself with food or alcohol. Pick something else: movie date night, a new shirt, sporting event tickets, mani/pedi, a vacation, etc.
  3. Only using one kind of machine because you’re too afraid to use the others either because of fear of pain, embarrassment, or lack of knowledge. Ask someone if you want to learn how to use machines or hire a personal trainer. If you are nervous or embarrassed to use a machine you haven’t before, you can ask one of the trainers or instructors at the gym to help or just try it yourself for 1 minute or a few reps. Truly,  no one is paying THAT close of attention to you!
  4. Lifting light and doing a ton of reps. Mix it up—higher repetition and lighter weight is great for muscle endurance and long-term toning. Fewer reps and heavier weight leads to faster gains of strength and toning. It’s a good idea to incorporate both forms (lighter weight, 15-20 reps and heavier weight, 6-10 reps) into your workout routine.
  5. Working only your abs in order to lose inches around your middle. You need to do EVERYTHING in order to tone that area—cardio, core work, lower body exercises, and upper body exercises.
  6. Eating too many calories. Use an online diet tracker to help you stay accountable.
  7. Eating too few calories. Yes, it can happen, and can make you hold onto weight! Read this to find out more.
  8. Working out too much. It can really hinder your personal life as well as your body. Read this to find out why and the signs and symptoms.
  9. Sleeping less than 6 hours a night. There’s a link between sleep deprivation and the part of your brain that deciphers hunger. Read more here.
  10. Sitting too much. It can make you sick, depressed, hunger, lazy, fat, tired, and atrophy your muscles. Read more here.
  11. Eating well during the week and letting loose on the weekends. Balance. We all need it. Don’t let your hard work go to waste on the weekends.
  12. Not treating yourself. You’re only human and you only live once! Enjoy a beer once a week. Enjoy your favorite homemade dessert once a week. Enjoy your favorite restaurant once a month or so. Enjoy a s’more a few times a summer. The more you deprive yourself, the more pent-up that frustration is and the crazier you’ll be when you finally snap…. And before you know it, a whole carton of ice cream will be gone : /
  13. Drinking your calories. Big, sugary coffees, alcohol, pop, juice, flavored drinks—these are all full of calories, carbohydrates, and sugars that pack on inches and pounds without filling up your stomach, which means you can still eat after that, consuming way more calories than you think.