Review: Blogilates – Bikini Blaster 4 for Awesomesauce Arms

Blogilates – Bikini Blaster 4 for Awesomesauce Arms

You need a set (or two) of dumbbells—I used 10s and 8s—and that’s about it! You have 12 moves to get through.

How long did it take?: About 8-10 minutes
Was it tough?: My arms definitely burned!
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: My arms felt it—they were tired at the end. Obviously the heavier the weights, the harder it is.
Why I liked it: It’s all arms, which is sometimes hard to do because there isn’t a whole heap you can do with your biceps except curl. You also get a few cardio bursts in there.
Do I recommend it?: I liked it as a quick addition to a cardio workout, or as a quick workout on its own. You don’t need much time, equipment, or space. Would I say it’s the best arm workout I’ve done? No. But it’s a decent one to try for a little burn.